CBO: Casablanca Orchestra

Based in the Twin Cities of MN, CBO (Casablanca Orchestra) is the hottest touring showband in the country. We captivate audiences with our unique fusion of show and music. Capturing the essence of the times, CBO will take you from Old School to New School!

Musically, these gifted players and singers fill the dance floor, and the aisles, bringing to life the free-souled dancing maniac in all of us. In addition, their energetic choreography and changing wardrobe takes you back to the times when you thought it just couldn't get any groovier.

CBO has toured regionally and nationally for more than 20 years and has developed a magical chemistry that you must see and hear. CBO consists of five front vocalists, a keyboardist, guitar, bass, drums, and a three-piece horn section, giving you a spectrum of groove from a big-band sound to small raw combos.

CBO will tailor their show to fit your needs; be it a corporate event, wedding, fair, festival, theater or nightclub!

Who is CBO?

CBO started out as the house band for Bogart's nightclub in 1992. CBO's original ideal was to be a band that combined Theater and Rock & Roll. After much success at Bogart's the band moved on to bigger and better things.

Theatre and Rock & Roll is still prevelant when CBO is on stage, but they now do much more than that. CBO now plays everything, from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars, there is nothing CBO doesn't play.

With their arsenal of songs to choose from, every CBO show is different, tailored to the event. There is no other band like CBO, because CBO is the only band that combines exciting arrangements, high energy, expert coreography, and dazzling costumes to consume the audience in entertainment.

Mad Men

MADMEN - Mid-Century Music Vibe - Latin, Swing, Jump & Jive!

Featuring music from: Burt Bacharach, Michael Buble’, Harry Connick Jr. Joey Heatherton, AC Jobim, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra , and Dusty Springfield!

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Mark and Ronny Duo

CBO Cocktail Duo - Live, ambient music.

CBO Solo Piano - Live ambient Music.

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Tim Solo

CBO Solo Guitar - Live ambient music.

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